China said it will “react strongly” to the rogue nation’s nuclear threats, reported China’s state-run Global Times.

The Chinese newspaper said Beijing will not “remain indifferent” to North Korea’s warmongering, a powerful statement given that China has already put its troops on nationwide high alert over the situation.

“Presumably Beijing will react strongly to Pyongyang’s new nuclear actions,” stated the Global Times. “China will not remain indifferent to Pyongyang’s aggravating violation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution.”

“More and more Chinese support the view that the government should enhance sanctions over Pyongyang’s nuclear activities. If the North makes another provocative move this month, the Chinese society will be willing to see the UNSC adopt severe restrictive measures that have never been seen before, such as restricting oil imports to the North.”

“Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program is intended for securing the regime, however, it is reaching a tipping point. Pyongyang hopes its gamble will work, but all signs point to the opposite direction.”

What it means: This isn’t just rhetoric by China.  The Chi-coms may have already deployed nearly 175,000 troops on its border with North Korea who are likely not just there to deal with refugees but also for a possible invasion combined with the US striking North Korea from the sea.

China’s warning comes only days before North Korea’s April 15 Day of the Sun national holiday, a symbolic date Pyongyang may use to test another intercontinental ballistic missile.

It’s speculated that US Special Forces are already deploying to North Korea to sabotage some of the country’s military capabilities in advance of a potential sea-based strike by a US carrier group.

And China is sending coal back to North Korea, which is North Korea’s biggest export to China.

Additionally, some have said that North Korea’s Organization and Guidance Dept. has long been the power behind the throne and doesn’t necessarily back Kim Jong-un’s incessant saber rattling.  The OGD may use China’s help to initiate a coup inside North Korea.

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