A video out of India shows a group of men ‘protesting’ against coronavirus while huddled together in a crowd potentially getting and spreading coronavirus.

“China virus go back, go back, go back,” the men chant as they stand very close to one another in what is clearly a violation of social distancing rules.

The men are holding what at first glance appear to be tiki torches, although the tweet describes them as “flaming toilet plungers.”

Quite how a virus can be convinced to “go back” to China is anyone’s guess.

Respondents to the clip were incredulous.

“Yeah I heard that works better than just staying tf home,” commented one.

“What I like about Indians is their uncanny ability to find alternative uses for things normally associated with toilets in other countries,” joked another.

“The thinning of the gene pool continues,” added another.

As we previously highlighted, a crowd of people gathered on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt last month to protest against the coronavirus, shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they moved in tight proximity.

Meanwhile, as the video below highlights, social distancing rules are not being observed outside mosques, whether that be in Germany or Pakistan.


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