A former member of the Chinese Communist Party has issued a rare and scathing rebuke of China’s dictator Xi Jinping, accusing him of “killing a country” over his authoritarian policies and disastrous coronavirus response.

“Under the regime of Xi, the Chinese Communist party is not a force for progress for China. In fact, it is an obstacle to China’s progress,” former CCP official Cai Xia told The Guardian.

Cai, a prominent former professor at China’s elite Central Party School, was expelled from the Communist Party on Monday over an audio recording leaked online in June of her criticizing Xi and urging other party members to “abandon” China’s current authoritarian system.

“We’ve chosen this individual [ruler] — or, I should say, those at the top propped such a person up to the leadership position,” Cai said of Xi. “What does this tell us? This tells us that this system is going nowhere. It is useless to try and change it. Fundamentally speaking, this system must be abandoned.”

“I believe I am not the only one who wants to leave this party. More people would like to withdraw or quit this party. I had intended to quit the party years ago when there was no more room to speak and my voice was completely blocked,” she added.

Cai said that Xi’s newly-unchecked powers have tarnished China’s world standing and left the country vulnerable to poor decision-making, such as China’s disastrous response the coronavirus outbreak.

From The Guardian:

She said there was widespread opposition within the party but few dared to speak out, afraid of political retaliation in the form of internal party discipline and corruption charges. In this environment, Xi’s “unchecked power” and hold on all major decision-making had led to inevitable mistakes such as in the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, according to Cai.

Beijing has blamed the suppression of information about the outbreak in Wuhan on local officials. Chinese health officials said on 20 January that the virus was contagious, weeks after it had emerged in December. But a speech published by the party magazine Qiushi showed that Xi met the politburo and gave instructions on the needed virus response on 7 January, almost two weeks before the public was warned.

“If he knew on 7 January, why did it take until 20 January to announce the outbreak? In other words, the fact that people were concealing the news from him is the result of the system,” said Cai. “But when he knew the situation on 7 January, he did not make it public or mobilise resources. So shouldn’t he bear responsibility?”

“When no one can oppose him, that means that his power is unlimited,” Cai continued. “He has made the world an enemy. At home, all these big issues are left to him to decide. In other words, whether it is a domestic or international issue, it is very difficult for others to restrict him. It is inevitable that his judgment and decisions will be mistaken.”

“It is a vicious cycle. After a wrong decision is made, the result is not good. But those below are too afraid to tell him and wrong decisions continue to be made until the situation is out of control. In this vicious cycle, there is no way to stop the country from sliding towards disaster.”


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