Kurt Nimmo
April 15, 2010

A CBS poll portrays the Tea Party movement as white, middle age, and Republican. Not Libertarian, but Republican. If we can believe the poll members of the Tea Party movement favor Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and even George Bush over Ron Paul. Yes, George Bush, the man who presided over two wars. Even John McCain did better than Ron Paul according to this poll.

If supporters of the Tea Party like George Bush, then they must like the fact he more than doubled the national debt. They must like the idea of invading small defenseless countries and killing more than a million people.

If the Tea Partiers — as the corporate media calls them, which is better than the pornographic “teabaggers” term juvenile anchors on MSNBC and CNN insisted on calling them — love Sarah Palin, then apparently they love the globalist reptile Henry Kissinger.

Remember when Tea Party Sarah said you have to choose between Democrats and Republicans? She meant it. Tea Party Sarah (insert copyright symbol) is sort of like a cowboy on the range. It’s her job to round up the doggies and corral them. Get them safely back into the confines of the false right-left paradigm and the One Party system.

Tea Partiers apparently support the idea of bombing Iran. Sarah Palin has given this up-coming venture her blessing and said if Obama was a real man he would commence hostilities immediately.

Glenn Beck? Well, this one is no big surprise. Beck was appointed the unofficial leader of the hijacked and domesticated Tea Party movement in 2009 by Fox News. It is interesting he is included on a list with a bunch of establishment politicos. He is a corporate media disinformation operative, not a politician. Maybe CBS is trying to tell us something?

The November mid-terms should be interesting. If there is any truth to this corporate media poll, supporters of the Tea Party will vote for Republicans.

If anything good comes out of this it will be gridlock in Congress.


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