In what may be the cringiest video you’ll see all day, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot dresses up as “Corona Destroyer” during a press conference announcing the city’s Halloween coronavirus guidelines.

Lightfoot, who also role-plays as the leader of one of America’s most historic cities, revealed a series of “rules” to be enforced during the upcoming holiday.

Lightfoot and Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady asked households to put a sign up indicating they’re participating in trick-or-treating and that they follow social distancing and provide hand sanitizer.

They also told trick-or-treaters to travel in groups of six people or less, to avoid sticking their hands into candy bowls and to eat the candy only once they’ve gotten home and washed their hands.

The city is not allowing haunted houses and is forbidding house parties no matter how “large or small.”

8 total “rules” were laid out, but it’s not clear how city officials would even try to go about enforcing the quasi-obligatory requests.

1: Everyone, including people giving out candy, must wear a face covering.

2: If you do plan to give candy to kids, leave a light on or put a sign up in your window indicating that your home is participating in safe trick-or-treating.

3: Maintain social distancing and have hand sanitizer available.

4: Keep it moving — don’t congregate in front of one stoop or on the sidewalk.

5: Make sure kids only eat candy after washing their hands when they get home.

6: No haunted houses, which Arwady described as “truly spooky” due to their potential germ-spreading.

7: Keep your trick-or-treating crew small, specifically six people or fewer. Sticking to members of your household or quarantine “bubble” is recommended.

8: No house parties. “We are more worried about adults indoors than children outdoors trick or treating,” Arwady said.

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