A California man who received a $650,000 settlement after being beaten by about a dozen sheriff’s deputies in a failed attempt to flee on horseback has been charged with felonies connected to the incident.

The criminal complaint, which was filed in a San Bernardino County court, charged Francis Pusok with 14 crimes, including grand theft of livestock, animal cruelty, evading a police officer, and reckless driving. Several of the charges predated the April 9 incident.

The complaint, a copy of which was published online by the Los Angeles Times, said Pusok, 30, was under the influence of marijuana and amphetamines at the time.

“We are disappointed, but yet sadly not surprised,” Pusok’s attorneys, James Terrell and Sharon Brunner, told the Los Angeles Times, describing the prosecution as “retaliatory, unjust, unfair and inequitable.”

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