Adding taxes of 13 million illegal aliens to the pot makes fast-tracking immigration reform extremely attractive
May 15, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown. Photo: Phil Konstantin

California governor Jerry Brown wants the Gang of Eight to hurry up and pass the legislation that would grant his state’s 2.6 million illegal immigrants a fast path to citizenship. And while they’re at it, he wants the senators to erase that little clause that would delay full citizenship for up to 10 years. Why? Because right now these illegal aliens are costing his state more than $600 million annually in health care costs.

A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California found that 7 percent of California’s total population are illegal aliens. One out of every six children living in California has at least one parent who is undocumented. In 2012, California spent more that $600 million covering emergency room fees and other health related services for illegal immigrants who are not eligible for Medicaid and other federal programs.

According to the provisions in the current immigration reform proposal, undocumented citizens would be ineligible for Medicaid, food stamps and other such programs until they’ve lived in the United States for 10 years. If the proposal passes, the state would have to pick up these tabs.

Anthony Wright, leader of Health Access California, says some illegal immigrants will likely get health insurance if the bill passes because they’ll be able to get better jobs with better benefits. However, Health Access California estimates that at least 1 million will remain uninsured, ever after Obamacare goes into effect.

Arizona is facing similar issues. In 2012, Arizona health care providers lost $700 million due to unpaid medical bills for illegal immigrants, and they, too, will be picking up the tab if the 10-year waiting period stays on the books.

In fact, every state will be facing the same problem: How to provide for the needs of these instant, American citizens and still provide for those who were either born here or entered this country legally?

Dr. Paul Lorenstein of the Christian Clinic in central Phoenix says, “Just a path to live here legally will allow patients to get the insurance they need.” He believes that immigration reform, without the waiting period, will allow illegal immigrants to get insurance and that, when they do, it will help reduce that $700 million medical bill Arizona taxpayers are footing.

But “citizenship” doesn’t necessarily equal “insured.” Of course, the talking heads point out that Obamacare will take care of everything. Everybody in the country will have access to affordable insurance and health care costs will magically disappear. But experts believe that 75 percent of the uninsured people in America are U.S. citizens who either don’t have access to insurance or can’t afford it.

So what’s to guarantee that once an illegal alien becomes a documented citizen he’ll be able to afford insurance? Nothing, really. But Obama isn’t concerned about that because taxpayers will be forking over an additional $1 trillion dollars for Obamacare in 2014. Add the taxes of another 13 million illegal aliens to the pot and that makes fast-tracking immigration reform extremely attractive.

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