A group of butt-hurt liberals called 911 because a patriotic American had the audacity to pull a gun on them while they were destroying his property.

From 10 News:

SAN DIEGO – A Bankers Hill man who allegedly pointed a rifle at a group of people who tampered with a campaign sign for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was briefly questioned by San Diego police Wednesday night, but not arrested.

At around 10 p.m., a neighbor reportedly witnessed a group of four friends who had been walking down a sidewalk in the 100 block of West Juniper Street meddling with the campaign sign. The friends appeared to have been drinking.

Witnesses told San Diego police, the neighbor allegedly exited his home with a rifle and threatened the group using profanity. At one point he allegedly told them, “I’ve been waiting to use this.”

The man was identified as Taren Meacham. Police responded and spoke to Meacham. They then transported him down to SDPD headquarters for more questioning. He was allowed to return home and was not arrested.

[…]Meanwhile, one of the people who tampered with the sign, Ashton Ferejan, told 10News she panicked when he pointed the gun at her, her husband and friends.

“I kind of just screamed ‘get back, get back.’ Some of us yelled, my husband was like ‘are you serious, put down the weapon, this is ridiculous.'”

Are you seriously trying to defend your property?!

You cant, like, do that man.

Actually, he can and he did, that the police did not arrest him shows he was entirely in the right!

Now, let’s see if we can bring these vandals up on charges!

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