In a mass repudiation of ‘cancel culture,’ Goya Food products are flying off store shelves after its CEO refused to apologize to the anti-Trump mob for complimenting the president.

The mob was trying to boycott Goya, a brand of Latin American & Tex Mex food products geared for recipes, but it backfired after Trump supporters – and anyone else who’s tired of social media-fueled outrage – started buying up Goya products in support of the CEO who felt that he didn’t have any reason to apologize for complimenting a US president.

As CEO of one of the top Hispanic food brands in the US, Bob Unanue was invited to the White House’s “Hispanic Prosperity Initiative” last Thursday.

Unanue had also attended a similar function for the Obama administration.

“So, you know, I’m not apologizing for saying, and especially if you’re called by the President of the United States, you’re gonna say ‘no, I’m sorry, I’m busy. no, thank you.’ I didn’t say that to the Obama’s and I didn’t say that to President Trump,” Unanue said.

“In 2012, eight years ago, I was called by Michelle Obama to Tampa and they were mentioning to launch a ‘MyPlate’ thing, it’s putting the nutritional pyramid into a plate of portion control. They wanted to approach the African American community, Hispanic community to eat more nutritionally. So, they called on us as the most recognized Hispanic brand in the United States and I went,” he also stated. “…I went to the White House later and I introduced Hispanic Heritage Month, President Obama.”

“And, so, you’re allowed to talk good or to praise one president, but you’re not allowed, when I was called to be part of this commission to aid in economic and in educational prosperity, and you make a positive comment, all of a sudden that’s not acceptable,” he added.

In short, Unanue simply saw the prestige of the United States presidency for what it is regardless of politics, and his unbiased observation created a perfect storm for the silent majority to reveal its contempt for ‘cancel culture.’

The ‘Buycott’ might even foreshadow the 2020 election, but, at the very least, it does reveal the disconnect between the silent majority of Americans who aren’t on Twitter and vocal minority on social media pushing ‘cancel culture’ and never-ending mass outrage.

It’s also quite plausible that the young people pushing a Goya Foods boycott simply don’t cook anyway.

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