A law office in Iowa is rewarding staff members who tote guns to work with a monthly $50 bonus.

As a registered NRA instructor, Davenport attorney Eric Puryear says he wanted a way to combine his law practice and his passion for the Second Amendment.

“About four years ago I thought well, I’d like to see more employees exercise their right to carry if they so choose, how can I incentivize that?” Puryear told NBC affiliate KWQC.

Puryear, whose law office carries a sign that reads “Guns are welcome on premises,” says he instructed three of his employees last month, and that his motivating factor was the promotion of responsible gun ownership.

“I think that responsible and safe gun ownership is just a good thing for each individual,” Puryear said. “It’s a good thing for society and if I can encourage it I think it’s kind of my duty to do that.”

One of the employees who took Puryear up on the offer, paralegal Elizabeth Payne, says she purchased a gun to earn the bonus, and now refuses to leave home without it.

“I was like, ‘So you’re going to give me $50 to carry a pistol?’” Payne recalled. “And he was like, ‘Yup, that’s what we’ll do.’ Well sign me up,” she said.

The attorney claims at one point almost all of his employees were carrying, but that currently he and Payne are the only ones exercising their rights.

“It’s every person’s choice,” he said. “If someone doesn’t want to own a gun, I’m not going to try to make them. If someone does want to own a gun, I think that’s their constitutional right as well and I encourage that.”

As gun grabbers churn out new propaganda campaigns and turn up the heat in the war on firearms, it’s reassuring to see American business owners such as Mr. Puryear use his influence to support the right to self defense.

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