Reacting to the (Obama-era) policy of separating children from illegal immigrant parents at the border, actor John Cusack invited his followers to “burn it down,” leading some to accuse him of inciting violence.

Cusack shared a tweet about a toddler crying at an immigration center along with the words, “Burn it down man.”

This prompted other Twitter users to accuse Cusack of being “unhinged” and encouraging violence.

Cusack’s tweets were likely fueled by the narrative that children are being detained in conditions akin to a concentration camp.

This is patently false. As the video below of a youth migrant center in El Cajon shows, the “camps” look more like summer school accommodation. Children are provided with outdoor recreation, new clothes, field trips to parks and zoos and they even have a prom night.

This is a far cry from former NSA/CIA head Michael Hayden’s assertion that the centers are similar to Nazi prison camps.

Left-wing activists are also still sharing images like the one below claiming to show a child being kept in a cage. In reality, the image is from an anti-Trump protest in Dallas where the boy was placed in a cage by the demonstrators for a photo-op.

By launching yet another anti-Trump temper tantrum, Cusack is following in the footsteps of fellow actor Robert De Niro, who last week told an audience at the Tony Awards, “f**k Trump!”

Much like De Niro, Cusack’s career has been on the wane for around two decades and he hasn’t been in a good movie since the 90’s, leading some to suspect that he’s yet another washed up celebrity trying to compensate for his own inadequacy and imbue himself with some sort of temporary relevance.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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