A viral image from Bulgaria has circulated the internet with a political banner that reads “Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong… He is a hero…” despite many on the left, and big tech company Facebook, determining the 17-year-old is guilty without a trial.

Before a recent fixture, hardcore supporters for one of the Eastern European’s capital city’s main teams came out with a politically-charged message that has captured an international audience.

Now, the CSKA Sofia ultras in Bulgaria have conferred their support behind the teenager who has become something of a meme and an icon across the worldwide web.

The banner — posted front and center in the image — has a depiction of gun-toting Rittenhouse sat on the ground brandishing his rifle in an identical position to where he shot two rioters after being bundled to the ground by skateboard-wielding Anthony Huber, who has become something of a hero in left-wing circles despite domestic abuse priors discovered by internet sleuths.

Rittenhouse is currently facing murder charges after shooting three left-wing protesters — killing two, severely wounding another — during a night of rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after he was ostensibly attacked with a Molotov cocktail by one protester, a skateboard by the second, and threatened with a handgun by a third — who had his bicep shot off.

The young Antioch, Illinois, resident has become center of much polarized debate in recent weeks as right-leaning press continues to unearth footage favorable to the defendant’s case.

On another soccer-related note, the Glasgow City women’s soccer team went a different route and decided to wear Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s name on their kit this season to celebrate the life of the recently deceased U.S. Supreme Court judge — as she was a champion for women’s rights and equality.

“We champion change and equality,” said club manager, Laura Montgomery, according to The BBC.

“RBG certainly gave all of us hope of an empowered future and we want to be able to honour her in this simple way.”

“A pioneer, feminist icon and role model, her work, rulings and dissenting opinions have paved the way for justice, equality and civil liberties,” Montgomery added.

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