WASHINGTON, D.C. – Roger Stone has assured Infowars.com that he “relishes the opportunity to face his accusers” on the House Intelligence Committee.

Now under investigation by the FBI under suspicion of having colluded with the Russians, Stone has demanded to know if he was under xclectronic surveillance during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I am anxious to rebut allegations that I had any improper or nefarious contact with any agent of the Russia State based on facts, not misleading and salacious headlines,” Stone explained to Infowars.com. “Claims of Russian influence or collusion in the Trump campaign by the intelligence community are backed up by ZERO evidence.”

Remarkably, the Democrats in Congress trying to find a scapegoat to blame for Hillary Clinton’s catastrophic loss in last November’s presidential election have resorted to the type of “red-baiting” that would have made their Democratic colleagues blush with shame during the McCarthy era of the 1950s.

Instead of fearing he will be exposed as a secret Russian agent, Stone is said to be relishing the opportunity to throw the Democrats’ duplicity back on themselves  and their current meme that Trump colluded with Moscow to leak Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks.

Stone maintains that the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party’s sustained refrain that Trump conspired with Russia to throw the election will start the moment the House Intelligence Committee swears him in.

“Any inference that my innocuous, fully disclosed Twitter exchange and tweets with a hacker known as Guccifer 2.0, who may or may not be a Russian asset, constitutes ‘collusion’ is disproved by the content, the facts and the time-line of events,” Stone insists.

“My only communication came almost six weeks after the Wikileaks release of the purloined DNC documents that reveal that Hillary had to cheat to beat Bernie.”
Stone stresses that “collusion” with someone has to be before the event, not after.

“I myself reported Guccifer’s role in the DNC hacking in a piece for Breitbart News on August 5th, 10 days before my cursory exchange with the hacker who I only now learn is suspected of being a Russian agent,” Stone continued.

“I am accused of colluding with Guccifer 2.0 to hack and release the DNC documents when my only communication with him via Twitter was six weeks after Wikileaks published the very documents in question. The content of our actual exchange, now fully released, is benign.”

Infowars.com has previously reported Stone’s concern he is being “lynched by the Deep State,” charging specifically that the disinformation about Stone being disseminated by the David Brock and George Soros attack machine could only have been obtained by extensive electronic surveillance conducted surreptitiously and most likely without judicial authorization by Deep State enemies of the Trump administration still buried deep within the NSA and CIA.

“The bogus claim against me was cooked up to get in print a ‘Trump Associate Communicated with Russian Hacker’ headline to post that headline on a dozen ‘fake news sites’ anxious to broadcast the Brock/Soros smear machine attack on me,” Stone said.

“On January 20th, the New York Times reported on page 1, a headline reading, ‘Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides,’” Stone continued.  “I am one of three Trump associates named in the story. Was I under electronic surveillance, or not? On what evidence am being accused? A Clinton campaign press release? What judge ordered that I be put under electronic surveillance?”

The criminal question in Stone’s case could well develop should the FBI launch an investigation to find out who leaked to the press information about Stone and the Russians that should never have been made public.

“Who leaked that I was under surveillance?” Stone asked. “If I was under surveillance pursuant to a FISA warrant the leak of this information would be a felony by whoever leaked it.”

Sone expressed concern the intelligence agencies “pushing this false Russian narrative through a series of illegal leaks” have hurt his ability to make a living and are soiling his reputation.

“The government is in possession of no evidence whatsoever that shows that I colluded with the Russian State,” Stone repeated, in conclusion.

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