UPDATE: The shooting suspect has been identified as 22 year old white male, Jared Laughner, reportedly an Afghan vet. Fox News now reports that a total of 19 people were injured in the shooting, five of which have passed away citing latest police reports. Rep. Giffords is now reportedly alive but in critical condition at the hospital. Further reports say that Federal Judge John Roll was among those shot in the incident.

January 8, 2011

Mainstream reports are ablaze with the shocking and tragic news that Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and critically wounded at a campaign event Saturday. At least 4 people are reported dead, including a child. Additionally, some 12 or more people were also injured by the shooter, three of whom reports say were campaign staffers. The shooter, now being described as a “lone gunman”, reportedly shot Giffords at point blank range in the head and fired wildly into the crowd before being wounded by security and apprehended.

So who is responsible for this terrible and tragic shooting? It is all speculation at the time of writing, but already the news has mentioned the possibility of “terrorism.” With so many other psuedo-events in the War on Terror lately, including package bombs, FBI stings and set-ups and the like, it is entirely possible this was a false-flag event designed to clampdown on gun ownership or simply stoke the fear of radical Muslim or homegrown terrorists.

A better guess might be border-related violence. Our early research shows that Rep. Giffords, a moderate Democrat, had supported tough border control and was pro-2nd Amendment. In particular, she supported the controversial SB 1070 Arizona bill to combat illegal immigration. Was she targeted by a Mexican drug gang or supporter of La Reconquista? We know that politicians, police, border guards and ranchers/land owners have been targeted, killed or had bounties put out on them by such gangs on BOTH sides of the border.

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Or: Was Giffords targeted by a Schizophrenic or unbalanced, deranged and disgruntled political supporter? Media Matters has lambasted Sarah Palin and her PAC for putting “crosshairs” on political opponents and ‘inciting violence.’ Among those “targeted” by Palin’s crosshairs is Rep. Giffords. Did a deranged supporter twist the political rhetoric and take things too far for unknown reasons? Obviously, we simply do not know at this point.

Further, a gun-related incident occurred a Giffords’ town hall meeting in 2009 where an attendee ‘dropped’ a gun provoking a scare.

Statement from Alex Jones: Whatever the motivation for this shooting, our hearts go out to the the Congresswoman’s family and supporters. It is important to note that, the anti-2nd Amendment, victim disarmament crowd will undoubtedly try to use this event to demonize gun owners and further restrictive legislation. Mexico has a total gun ban, and the worst record for killed and kidnapped politicians and other high-level figures in the world. With more than 28,000 dead in Mexico from the drug war, it is clear that leaving guns only in the hands of the cartels and criminals will only make us all vulnerable.


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