Steve Curtin
The Blood of Patriots and Tyrants
June 29, 2010

No one should know better than libertarians that in this fascist dictatorship we currently live under, there is no such thing as the free market. And yet in the wake of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, many are insisting that we halt the hysteria and allow the market to punish BP accordingly.

There is also a strong desire in libertarian circles to emphasize the natural properties of petroleum. Mercury is also natural. So are noxious gases, which comprise of 40% of what’s gushing from the well, but you wouldn’t want to go breathe the air on Uranus. Today’s Lew Rockwell website features an article claiming oozing oil is as natural as sunshine. If old Lew is smart, he’s disconnected his television from cable, but one has to wonder if he may have caught a glimpse of the oil being blasted out of the well at a rate of tens of thousands of barrels a day. This is no “leak”. It’s not “oozing”. It’s exploding.

In a “free market”, none of this would be happening in the first place, because BP would never have drilled under such explosive conditions. As Andrew Napolitano points out, the government-imposed cap on BP’s liabilities ($75M) means that it essentially has no insurance policy; without such a cap, no insurance company would allow BP to drill in the Gulf. It’s just too dangerous. And, even if somehow BP managed to get approval to drill in the Gulf, in a free market you could be assured that this leak would’ve been capped and the beaches would’ve be cleaned immediately. Instead it is obvious to anyone paying attention that the event was known in advance, allowed to happen, and is now being purposefully magnified. They’re not cleaning it up, they’re covering it up. For what purpose?

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In what semblance of a free market we actually have, BP is getting hammered by consumers and investors. It’s stocks have plummeted, and station owners are asking the corporation for assistance as drivers avoid gassing up at their pumps. This is positive, but it ignores the larger underlying agenda. Wealth and profit are no longer an end, they are a means to an end, and the end is power. The shareholders at BP are being destroyed, but they’re not part of the club. BP could stop this leak if they wanted to. BP could’ve prevented the leak from happening in the first place. Why are they deliberately sabotaging their bottom line?

The religion of the global power elite for over a century has been eugenics. This master race of elites, many from the same bloodline, do not want the plebs sordida dirtying up their playground, which is the planet Earth. Everything they do in terms of the environment and health revolves around massive reductions in population between 80%-90%, depending on who’s talking. This isn’t some far-reaching conspiracy theory; listen to what they’re saying. Compare it to what they’re doing. Obama supposedly has “warned” G20 leaders that the oil spill could kill 20 million people. Not a significant percentage of the amount they intend to cull, but it’s a start.

According to some worst-case scenarios, 20 million could be conservative. For it’s not just the oil, killing fish and smothering fragile ecosystems; yes, the oil will wash away. It will dissipate. It will evaporate. That of course assumes that the leak has been stopped sometime in the near future, and not the years some are predicting. But then there is the dispersants, this “corexit” that BP illegally sprayed by the millions of gallons to push the oil underwater where no one could see it (until it washes ashore). These dispersants, banned by the EU, contain 2-butoxyethanol , known to have caused lingering health problems to clean-up workers of the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989, and propylene glycol, a neurotoxin, as well as other ingredients its manufacturers refuse to disclose.

As much of a danger to human health is the danger to crops and livestock. As the toxins evaporate into our atmosphere, who knows how far away they’ll be raining down? We know that states in the Gulf region are experiencing disease in their crops linked to the dispersants. I’m not sure what that region’s contribution to our national and global food supply is, but what if it starts raining dispersants in Iowa, Nebraska, etc? There is already a global hunger epidemic spurred on in large part by large portions of our corn production switched over to ethanol. What would happen with a similar decline in wheat? Soy?

This all of course is highly speculative. While we can all plainly see things are bad, are going to stay bad for a long time and will likely get much worse, nobody really knows what’s going to happen, what the effects will be or how long they’ll endure. The point is, do not dismiss BP as some corporation only looking out for its bottom line. Its incompetence and malfeasance are on full display, manifested in large part by its obvious and aggressive attempts, aided by the government, to black the event out and cover it all up.

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. – J Edgar Hoover

The global power elite, also known as the New World Order, intends to and is succeeding in destroying the global economy as a segue to global government with one global currency. We should not be surprised, or unwilling to consider, that BP has fallen on its sword in this endeavor, its top echelon promised a seat at the round table when the spoils are divided. This is a conspiracy that’s been metastasizing for hundreds or even thousands of years. The welfare of one insignificant corporation will not deter them. They are committed. They’ve waited a very long time, slaughtered a lot of people, and destroyed entire nations. Do not put anything past them.

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