Kurt Nimmo
January 28, 2013

Is it possible Tea Party activists would work with Democrats to get rid of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell?

Of course they would. It is not unusual for statists to join hands against a common enemy – or somebody who needs to be shown the pasture. It’s all part of the false right-left paradigm dog and pony show.

The Tea Party was hollowed out from the inside. The Borg hive was repopulated with Republican faithfuls pledged to follow the party line.

From Politico today:

Progress Kentucky has begun circulating petitions urging Republicans to jump into the race, and Democratic donors active in Bluegrass State and national politics are privately making it clear they’re willing to help bankroll a tea party candidate. Neither the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee nor the Kentucky Democratic Party is involved in the unorthodox efforts at this point, officials said.

Bankroll a Tea Party candidate? I thought Democrats harbor a visceral aversion to the Tea Party.

Oh, that was the old Ron Paul libertarian Tea Party.

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