Two Honduran nationals, one a double amputee and the other a paraplegic, were saved from drowning in the Rio Grande River when Border Patrol agents jumped in the water to rescue them.

The incident took place Thursday near Eagle Pass, Texas according to a Border Patrol news release.

Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents saw a group of 12 illegal immigrants crossing the river and noticed two men in the group being carried by smugglers who then threw them into the water.

The first man saved has one leg and one arm, making it difficult for him to stay afloat once tossed into the water.

BORSTAR agents quickly swam to the victim and as they brought the amputee to the river bank, observed another man being tossed into the river.

The second man, a paraplegic, immediately started drowning upon hitting the water and was saved by agents who fought through strong river currents to grab the man and bring him to the riverbank.

CBP offered both Honduran nationals medical attention, but they refused and were transported to the Eagle Pass South Station and processed in accordance with CBP guidelines.

Del Rio Sector Chief Border Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz said, “Smuggling organizations have little concern for the wellbeing of innocent individuals and show no remorse. I commend our agents for acting swiftly during this emotionally charged situation.”

It has been another wild week on the southern border with a border wall construction crew being threatened by armed cartel members, a Marine being attacked by three individuals while patrolling the border in California, Ebola concerns in Texas after illegals from Congo were apprehended and the announcment of President Trump’s new tariffs against Mexico in response to the crisis.

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians and the majority of their supporters refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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