President Trump’s political opponents have once again joined forces with the mainstream American press to “leak” passages from a book penned by former NSA John Bolton as the White House battled to prevent its release, then play up the most salacious claims from the 550+ page tome.

As both sides struggle to propagate their own conflicting narratives, Bolton’s reputation as a fanatical neocon and one of the most disliked, and distrusted figures in the GOP political firmament – GWB couldn’t get the man through a senate confirmation when he tried to appoint him ambassador to the UN, and reporters claimed that Bolton was quickly sidelined after joining the administration – is coming back to bite him.

And as oppo researchers dig through a lifetime of cable television appearances and other public comments, they’re already finding a wealth of comments where Bolton claimed that he wouldn’t hesitate to lie to protect America’s national security interests, even in one case citing a famous Churchill (racist) quote claiming truth must if necessary be protected by lies.

Watch the clip below and hear it for yourself:

Meanwhile, a furious President Trump has continued his twitter assault on his one-time lacky: “When Wacko John Bolton went on Deface the Nation and so stupidly said that he looked at the “Libyan Model” for North Korea, all hell broke out. Kim Jong Un, who we were getting along with very well, went “ballistic”, just like his missiles – and rightfully so…He didn’t want Bolton anywhere near him. Bolton’s dumbest of all statements set us back very badly with North Korea, even now. I asked him, “what the hell were you thinking?” He had no answer and just apologized. That was early on, I should have fired him right then & there!”

It’s especially notable since North Korea’s latest belligerent actions have essentially unraveled all of the “progress” made during the Trump Administration, even as US intelligence has repeatedly warned that NK never had any intentions of nuclear disarmament.

Media outlets have seized on claims that Trump pleaded with President Xi for political help during trade deal talks, and that he allegedly offered to back off on China’s most horrifying human rights abuses (the detention of 1 million minority-Muslim Uyghurs). Ironically, the ‘Book of Bolton’ leaked just as Trump signed into law a bill targeting senior Chinese officials involved with the Muslim detention and mass surveillance program in the far western state of Xinjiang, a devastating financial blow to these individuals that could lead to many of their (probably considerable) assets outside of China being frozen or seized.

Trump has already slammed Bolton in an interview late last night, where he accused the former NSA of breaking the law.

Beijing has demanded that Trump reverse course immediately, and is threatening to retaliate.

As Rabobank’s Michael Every told clients in one of his latest notes: “Whatever one’s take on the Book of Bolton, this marks another step deeper into US-China Cold War – unless the meeting in Honolulu between US Secretary of State Pompeo and China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi went exceptionally well. Did they touch on the US sanctions that are also looming over Hong Kong, or legislation just proposed that would target the US green cards of Chinese CCP members?”

Of course, most of the twitter users screaming about Trump committing treason probably aren’t even aware that Trump signed the Uyghurs bill.

Alex Jones breaks down the attempts to give the power of police enforcement in America to the UN and the globalist agenda for an authoritarian new world order.

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