Senator Bob Casey has seized the Orlando tragedy to introduce a pre-crime anti-gun bill.

The Hate Crimes Prevention Act would prohibit the purchase, possession, or shipment of a firearm by anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime. It would also prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone suspected of being guilty of a hate crime.

In other words, if passed, an individual would not need to be convicted of a specific crime to have his or her Second Amendment denied.

“If you have proven you will commit criminal acts based on hate, you absolutely should not have access to a gun. It’s common sense,” Casey said.

“It is time we as members of Congress do something. If you are a member of Congress and you say you care about security then you have to take steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands and ensure our law enforcement has the resources needed to keep communities safe.”

It appears Casey’s effort to deny an individual right is based on the fact it is difficult to prosecute somebody in the United States for a crime based on sex, ethnicity, disability, language, nationality, physical appearance, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Hate crime legislation is contrary to the US Constitution which states individuals must be treated unequally under the law.

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