A Super Bowl ad from 2020 Democrat candidate Michael Bloomberg showed Obama-era footage of detained illegal alien minors, in a dishonest sleight of hand move misleading voters on President Trump’s immigration policies.

The ad, which aired during Super Bowl LIV, features 2014 images of children being lined up and processed by Customs and Border Protection agents, as well as illegal aliens using mylar blankets while in custody.

Here’s the ad:

Keen viewers noticed two children shown at the ad’s 13-second mark can be seen wearing the exact same clothing in a 2014 AP photo of a detention center in Nogales, Arizona.

From Bloomberg’s ad:

Here’s the AP photo:

Another clip from the ad, showing a crowded room of illegal aliens sleeping on mats covered with space blankets, also appears to be from 2014.

From the ad’s 0:14 timestamp:

And a correlating AP photo from 2014:

The similarity is immediately noticeable with a side-by-side comparison, via Twitchy:

Given the photos have been thoroughly debunked, as they were also previously used by liberals to attack Trump, did Bloomberg’s campaign know the images were from 2014 and decided to put them in the ad anyway?

In 2018, photos from the Nogales detention center were also circulated by various anti-Trump activists who shared a link to a photo album which featured 2014 photos of children in detention, all the while blaming Trump for the “abomination.”

During that period, a few leftist journos deleted their tweets and admitted the photos were from 2014:

Bloomberg is currently polling at around 8 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight.com.

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