May 23, 2009

We were unable to locate an “official” confirmation on this, but several blogs are reporting that the Department of Homeland Security has installed surveillance cameras in urinals at Houston’s Hobby Airport. The geek website Slashdot has reported on this and has linked to Swamplot, a real estate blog in Houston.

DHS urinal camera

“The camera appeared to be in the same panel that carried the flush sensor… a brushed metal panel with an oval shaped dark transparent glass with a red on it… And this panel was located just above the urinal itself. Given how close the user of the urinal would be to the flush sensor and camera, it’s probably designed to monitor people walking in/out/around the bathroom, not the user of the urinal.”

Is this for real? We don’t know, but considering the invasive technology used by the government to spy on “terrorists” (citizens opposed to the government) we wouldn’t put it past the DHS to actually do something like this.

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