Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2010

Sharif Mobley: the latest face of the homegrown terror threat according to the government.

Earlier in the week we learned about Colleen LaRose, a woman described as insane by her neighbors who, according to the government, morphed into “Jihad Jane” in short order and teamed up with supposed Muslim terrorists in Ireland and plotted to kill an artist for drawing a degrading cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed. LaRose was arrested in October, but her indictment was rolled out this week to coincide with other terror-related propaganda.

In the wake of the LaRose story, the corporate media today is playing up the arrest of Sharif Mobley in Yemen. According to the Associated Press, Mobley is a “suspected member of the same branch of al-Qaida that’s linked to the failed Christmas Day bombing attempt of a Detroit-bound jet.” He sits in a Yemen jail because he stands accused of killing a guard in an attempt to break out of a hospital.

The Associated Press cuts right to the chase:

Mobley, a former laborer at several nuclear power plants in the U.S., appears to be the latest example of the phenomenon of Americans joining terror movements overseas, which U.S. intelligence officials have warned of.

His case surfaces days after charges of terrorist connections were brought against Colleen LaRose, an American-born woman known as “Jihad Jane” who lived for years in Pennsylvania.

Mobley, a 26-year-old natural-born U.S. citizen, was identified by Yemeni officials as a Somali-American. A former neighbor said he moved to Yemen about two years ago, supposedly to learn Arabic and study Islam.

A suspected terrorist linked to al-Qaeda in Yemen worked at nuclear power plant. This is major ammo for the ongoing and intensifying propaganda campaign that increasingly warns that America is at risk from homegrown terrorists. Terrorists blowing up a nuclear power plant is a worst case scenario.

The government offers the usual caveat in regard to Mobley’s employment:

“An FBI spokesman did not immediately return a call, but a law enforcement official told The Associated Press that authorities don’t believe Mobley’s job at the nuclear plant was related to his activities in Yemen. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.”

Russia Today covers the “Jihad Jane” case.

In order to spike the story and send the message that homegrowners are a threat, the Associated Press rolls in Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood last year.

As for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the fizzle pants non-bomber apprehended over Christmas, the State Department refused to revoke his visa, even though he was on a terror watch list. He was allowed to board a plane in Amsterdam.

After a barrage of sensationalistic and misleading headlines and stories designed to rekindle the flagging war on terror, authorities quietly reversed the official story behind the aborted attack and acknowledged that an accomplice was involved, despite weeks of denial and derision of eyewitness Kurt Haskell’s description of a sharp-dressed man who helped Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab board Flight 253 headed for Detroit.

“The Delta 253 incident was just one of the dozens of terror busts and stings since 9/11 to have been orchestrated by handlers aiding the accused terrorists at every turn,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on March 6, 2010. “We have never come across a major case where the terrorists involved in a plot were not being prodded by the FBI and federal informants, or where clear prior knowledge and forewarning was not evident.”

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Finally, in addition to creating the specter of homegrown terrorism, the corporate media has launched an orchestrated propaganda effort to demonize the internet as a medium that supposedly facilitates terrorism.

“From charismatic clerics who spout hate online, to thousands of extremist websites, chat rooms and social networking pages that raise money and spread radical propaganda, the Internet has become a crucial front in the ever-shifting war on terrorism,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “From their side, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are scrambling to monitor the Internet and penetrate radical websites to track suspects, set up sting operations or unravel plots before they are carried out.”

“They have really improved their ability to radicalize people and bring them into the fight, which of course severely hampers our ability to disrupt and get ourselves involved in the process,” Garry Reid, deputy assistant secretary of Defense, told the Senate subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities on Wednesday.

The Christian Science Monitor linked this supposed threat directly to Colleen LaRose, the reportedly mentally disturbed all-American jihadist who was tracked down by a group of neocon sleuths in search of terror on the internet. “The anonymity of the Internet, current regulations governing its surveillance and the sheer speed of communications across it make it an easy tool for recruitment,” the Christian Science Monitor declared on March 10.

Expect more shrill demands on the part of the government and its lapdog corporate media to regulate and surveil the internet in the days and weeks ahead.

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