Residents of Kentucky were alarmed to look up in the sky and see a message instructing them to “Obey.”

Appearing in the skies of Frankfort near Lexington last week, people snapped photos of the message telling them essentially to shut up and do what they’re told.

The message, reportedly written multiple times, appeared mere days after Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear implemented a statewide face mask mandate, prompting many to speculate it was backlash against the order.

The eerie skywriting brings to mind the message repeated in the 80s dystopian film, “They Live,” in which a man discovers hidden messages throughout print, video, and news media subliminally instructing the unsuspecting population to “obey” and “consume.”

Adding to the mystique, the person who commissioned the message remains a mystery.

Local media LEX 18 tracked down the plane’s owner, who said he would not disclose the client, or the project’s cost. He also said he knew nothing about the motivation behind the message.

KY skywriter puts “OBEY” in the sky, parents shut down meeting to impose mask regulations in Utah & Georgia Gov Kemp pushes back on Democrat Mayors’ mandates.

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