COMMENT: Not personally sure about “Bride No. 5” al-Sadah’s story, but it seems to conveniently timed with increased focus on Yemen as the latest front in the War on Terror. So why is it emerging now, as “Bin Laden” takes credit for the attempted Underwear Bombing, craftily tied to Yemen as well. Anti-Christ figure Bin Laden even has a new child that was supposedly timed with the 9/11 attacks. At any rate, nothing can be believed about Bin Laden, his whereabouts and his personal life when they are caught faking Bin Laden tapes and arranging them within politically-expedient timeframes.

‘I found bin Laden bride No. 5 as he planned 9/11’

Hala Jaber
Times of India
January 25, 2010

IBB (YEMEN): When Osama bin Laden decided to marry for the fifth time, he turned to his most trusted advisers to find him a bride.

He wanted a Yemeni girl, he told them. The marriage would cement his relationship with Yemen, his billionaire father’s home. Sheikh Rashad Ismael, a Yemeni aide, took up the challenge. “She had to be religious, obedient, generous, well brought-up, quiet, calm and young enough not to feel jealous of the sheikh’s (bin Laden’s) other wives,” he giggled. “Multiple wives tend to vie for attention out of jealousy and end up in catfights, and bin Laden did not want his new wife to get into such issues.”

[efoods]The aide, also called Abual-Fida, knew just the girl in his home town of Ibb in Yemen. It was a year before the 9/11 attacks when he approached her family. He says he believed Amal al-Sadah, a civil servant’s daughter, aged 18, would make the perfect wife for the al-Qaida leader, who was 43.

“Even at her young age she was religious and spiritual enough and believed in the things that bin Laden — a very religious, pious and spiritual man — believed in,” he said.


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