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Fresh off butchering the real meaning of the US Constitution to suggest that manmade global warming skeptics are unpatriotic, Bill Nye – the so called science guy – has angered many by suggesting that the heavy flooding in Texas is due to climate change.

Houston was hit with 10 inches of rain within 24 hours Monday, leading to flash flooding, which has claimed 21 lives, caused untold amounts of damage and displaced hundreds of people.

The clean up is ongoing as is the search for bodies, but that isn’t the main issue as far as Nye is concerned – he just wants someone, anyone to say it’s climate change:

A portion of the Twitterverse reacted with a mix of disgust and anger:

While others used actual facts in response to Nye, imagine that!

Nye has a history of linking everything and anything to climate change:

So yeah, floods are being caused because it’s warmer you see (no it isn’t) and there’s more moisture in the atmosphere – or something.

Last year, however, the opposite was true, as man made warming enthusiasts were falling over themselves to tell the world that droughts in Texas were made significantly worse, and even directly caused by climate change.

So which is it? The answer is it’s both. And ISIS is also caused by climate change. Obviously. Duh.


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