Tim Kaine’s rally in Nevada last night was interrupted by yet another heckler who yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” before being dragged out.

While Kaine was discussing his claim that Mike Pence “is already auditioning for 2020, he’s already assuming that Trump’s gonna lose,” Hillary’s running mate was swiftly interrupted.

“Bill Clinton is a a rapist!” shouts the man from the back of the crowd.

“The media is covering it up! Infowars.com!” he continues, while wearing an Infowars Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt.

As he continues to yell “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” the man is surrounded by Hillary supporters and security.

“Hillary! Hillary!” the crowd chants in response.

The Trump supporter is then escorted out of the building.

“Well, Bill Clinton is a rapist,” jokes the woman recording the video.

The incident is just the latest in a series of similar stunts, which were spurred on by radio host Alex Jones after he offered hard cash for anyone who got on national television while yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist”

See the rest of the videos below.


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