Conspiracy theorists claim the Bilderberg Group is a cabal of 130 of the world’s most powerful public and private crony leaders plotting for global domination, but this year’s meeting is all about leaders trying to save globalism from Brexit.



The hottest topic at this year’s Bilderberg conference will be the June 23 Brexit referendum, where voters can demand the U.K. quit the EU’s Euro-government. Stratfor Global Intelligence traces the roots of the crisis to the Bilderberg supported 2004 enlargement of the EU, and the ensuing wave of Polish migration to the United Kingdom.

Despite European open-border mandates, the accelerating immigration crisis across the EU has forced national political leaders to appease their citizens by re-erecting border controls that restrict the flow of low-wage workers and foreign refugees across their territory.

To the dismay of the Bilderbergs after 70 years of trying to suppress nation states, Stratfor argues that the ascendant forces within Europe are national and that is forcing countries to put their own interests first:

“Over the centuries, great empires have risen and fallen, leaving behind distinct groups of people with different histories, languages and cultures. Any project attempting to fuse these disparate cultures into one monolithic state over the course of just 70 years would inevitably encounter insurmountable levels of nationalistic resistance and eventually the project would stall. That is the point where we now find ourselves.”

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