Former Vice President Joe Biden revealed Tuesday that he is encouraging Obama administration holdovers to remain in government.

Speaking alongside Ohio Gov. John Kasich at the University of Delaware, Biden stated that he is regularly contacted by government employees looking for advice.

“They call me all the time,” Biden said. “I say, ‘Please stay, please stay. There has to be some competence and normalcy.’”

The former vice president also said he had been contacted by 14 world leaders seeking insight into the mind of Trump.

Biden accused President Donald Trump of failing to understand the concept of governance and an inability to uphold “certain basic social norms.”

“The destruction of these norms is generating chaos,” Biden said. “It’s generating chaos internally.”

Other complaints from Biden included Trump’s use of the word “Bubba” to refer to former President Bill Clinton as well as the president’s remarks toward North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Last August political insider and former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone stated that 80 percent of the Trump administration is comprised by Obama holdovers.

Those government employees have been accused of being behind the avalanche of leaks emanating from Washington D.C.

The president’s son, Trump Jr., stated earlier this year that Obama holdovers are working against the interests of the current administration.

“But I do think there’s plenty in D.C., there’s probably plenty still in the White House, there’s plenty of holdovers that aren’t necessarily working in his best interest,” Trump Jr. said in June.

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