2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden claimed President Trump is taking credit for a booming economy he “inherited” from Obama, despite the fact most metrics show Obama’s economy was the weakest in decades.

“President Trump inherited an economy from the Obama-Biden administration that was given to him, just like he inherited everything else in his life,” Biden said Saturday during his Philadelphia campaign kickoff.

“Just like everything else he’s been given in his life, he’s in the process of squandering that as well.”

The former vice president also claimed he knows how to “make government work.”

“Some of these same people are saying, ‘You know, Biden just doesn’t get it. You can’t work with Republicans anymore. That’s not the way it works anymore,'” he said.

“Well, folks, I’m going to say something outrageous. I know how to make government work. I’ve worked across the aisle to reach consensus to make government work in the past.”

The facts are at odds with Biden’s claims.

Obama was the only president since Herbert Hoover who couldn’t achieve a GDP growth rate of 3 percent.

Additionally, Obama’s administration doubled the national debt, and didn’t do anything to help stagnant household income during its 8-years in power.

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