2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Friday that he was eager to deindustrialize America.

“I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuel,” Biden told clapping supporters.

80% of New Hampshire’s power comes from oil, gas, and propane, according to researcher Zach Parkinson.

Biden also reiterated his support for the Green New Deal during CNN’s “climate change” town hall Thursday, saying that the $93 trillion socialist policy “doesn’t go far enough.”

Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore warned in March that the far-left’s Green New Deal proposal would “end civilization.”

“The Green New Deal will be the end of civilization if 85% of the world’s and 85% of the US coal, oil and natural gas were fazed out over the next few years, like the next ten years,” he told Tucker Carlson.

“We do not have anything to replace them with…Half of the population will die in a very short period of time. And as I also pointed out, there wouldn’t be a tree left on this planet…because that would be all there was to heat and cook.”

Joe Biden publicly states he values his “truth” over facts, explaining a major mental illness infecting the left.

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