Former vice president Joe Biden’s accomplished a lot in his decades long career as a politician, according to Joe Biden.

Some folks might not know, but the esteemed statesman from Delaware once teamed with Sen. Diane Feinstein to impose a strict limit on “the number of clips in a gun.”

Biden was discussing immigration at a conference for Latinos, UNIDOS US, earlier this month when he segued from healthcare to immigration to gun rights to make the bizarre claim about his alleged triumphs in the Senate.

“What’s happened now as it relates to the issues of healthcare, but beyond that in terms of immigration, because that’s what I think is one of the central most consequential we have to solve quickly. We need an immigration bill, which we will go into if we have time,” Biden said, making a swiping motion to dismiss the central issue of the conference.

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“But here’s the deal, the reason why I think it’s changed is all of a sudden, people are realizing, ‘my God, I didn’t realize what was happening. I didn’t know what was going on,’” the 76-yar-old continued. “They’ve now seen family separations at the border. They’ve now seen kids being put in jail, in cages. They’ve now seen families separated. They’ve now seen the horrific nature of how this president and the border security people have handled immigration and they’re sick of it, they’re angry.

“Complicated by the fact that they now see it again, what happens, when you do not deal rationally with the Second Amendment,” Biden claimed. “The Second Amendment says … well, anyway, the fact of the matter is you can deal rationally with it.”

Biden served himself up as an example of a leader on the issue, despite the fact that the recent wave of mass shootings in the U.S. come despite his best efforts over more than 45 years in the Senate.

“Universal background checks, as I said, Dianne and I got passed the assault weapons ban, the number of clips in a gun, background checks from the Brady Bill,” he said.

Biden also told the thousands of Latinos in attendance that “we don’t need thoughts and prayers out of Washington,” KGTV reports.

“What we need is strength and some resolve that we haven’t seen yet,” said Biden, who served two terms as Obama’s vice president.

The odd remarks are among dozens of questionable comments Biden’s spouted on the campaign trail since announcing his run to take on Trump in 2020. During recent stops in New Hampshire, Biden thought he was in Vermont with speaking with reporters, couldn’t remember where he washours earlier, and told a climate change protester to “frack with me later.”

Also in New Hampshire, Biden flubbed a prepared speech on his healthcare plan, claiming “we’ll make sure it’s not quality, we’ll make sure it’s only affordable.”

Days earlier, Biden questioned “what would have happened, God forbid, if Barack Obama would have been assassinated,” and claimed that “you had over 40 kids shot at Kent State on a beautiful lawn by the National Guard.”

In the same speech, he said this: “I’m the first year a Senate ever knew.”

The literal gibberish coming from Biden has now become so common, folks online are putting together highlight reels to hammer the point home.

“Joe Biden’s Melting Brain,” Citizen Free Press posted to Twitter. “The Ultimate Compilation.”

Others are highlighting the former VP’s so-called “gaffes” on the campaign trail in real time, though not all are caught on video.

“BREAKING: Speaking yesterday at Keene State College in N.H., where he emphasized the need for college debt forgiveness, Biden later told a coed ‘your parents are making a great sacrifice sending you to this private college,’ to which the coed replied, ‘It’s public.’ Biden: ‘oh,’” Paul Sperry, the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, tweeted Monday.

Here’s another.

“BREAKING: Biden told a supporter after Keene State College (N.H.) stump speech yesterday that he came out of college with ‘$280,000’ in debt, but then just moments later, he told another supporter that his debt was ‘over $300,000,’” Sperry posted.

Fact-checkers online put the comments into perspective.

“The average cost (tuition, fees, room, and board) of a public, 4-year college like the University of Delaware was $996/year when Joe Biden graduated from college,” Sean Davis tweeted. “The idea that he had $300,000 in debt – eye-popping even by today’s standards – in the 1960s is preposterous.”

“He had to pay all those people who took the tests for him and wrote his papers,” Sam Miller added.

“Simple explanation,” JabbarRight wrote. “He’s nuts.”

Many other folks are now coming to the same conclusion.

“Joe Biden is clearly experiencing some sort of brain disruptions,” BERNforBernie2020 tweeted with a video of Biden’s struggles speaking. “He needs a full neurological work up.

“This is not normal.”

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