The US media is full of stories about how the Obama administration is going to punish Israel for re-electing Bibi Netanyahu in an election marked by demagoguery and arrant racism.

The New York Times EVEN warns President Barack Obama may back a series of  UN resolutions demanding that Israel withdraw to its narrow 1967 borders and there create a viable Palestinian state.

Hardly.  “King Bibi’s” re-election makes Israel virtually unassailable and master of all its surveys.

Who is going to force Israel to follow this sensible, two-state solution to the misery of the Palestinian people? Obama could not even stop Netanyahu from coming to Washington and humiliating him before Congress. Is Obama going to force Israel and its 650,000 armed settlers out of the West Bank?

Not so long as Israel and its American advocates control both the Congress, the Republican and Democratic parties – and Hillary Clinton. The late Israeli PM Ariel Sharon reportedly said to an aide concerned about a negative US response, “don’t worry about the US, I control the US.”

Israel’s partisans hold important influence over France’s  government and ruling Socialist Party. France secretly supplied Israel with nuclear weapons capability in the 1950’s.

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