There is less chance of Donald Trump being impeached after the Comey hearing according to one major betting site, suggesting the former FBI director’s testimony has if anything helped the president.

U.K.-based bookmaker Ladbrokes has lengthened Trump’s odds of being impeached to 4/7, changed from the previous 4/5, meaning he is less likely to be impeached after today’s events.

The Financial Times’ Matthew Garrahan confirmed the news in a tweet.

Despite leftists eagerly anticipating the spectacle, with some expecting it to signal the beginning of the end for Trump, Comey’s testimony only seems to have solidified the president’s position.

Pro-Trump accounts across Twitter were buoyant after the testimony, pointing out that Comey only seems to have presented more headaches for himself and Democrats.

According to Attorney Jonathan Turley, Comey appears ton have violated the law in admitting he “intentionally used a “friend” on the Columbia law faculty to leak his memos to the media.”

Comey also confirmed that Donald Trump was never under FBI investigation, disproving media assertions that he was.

The former FBI Director also acknowledged that Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured him to “downplay the Clinton email server investigation”.

All in all, another bad day for Democrats and more vindication for Trump, which is why his chances of being impeached – which were practically zero anyway – have now all but disappeared.


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