CNN reporter Oliver Darcy’s spirit appeared broken as he was confronted by Alex Jones Wednesday over his repeated efforts to de-platform Infowars on social media.

Darcy, who seemed at a loss for words without his trusty teleprompter, takes Jones’ criticisms inside the halls of the nation’s capital with nary a comeback, save his occasional whimpers.

Here are some of our favorite Alex Jones riffs on Darcy and his fake news ilk, in no particular order:

– “You are incredibly shameful.”

– “You are literally an anti-American, anti-free speech coward.”

– “This is literally the equivalent of the Stasi.”

– “You hate America so much you make me sick.”

– “You must be an incredibly empty person.”

– “He’s even more evil-looking in person.”

– “Smiling like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow.”

– “You look like a possum that got caught doing some really nasty stuff — in my opinion.”

– “I mean look at those eyes, folks. If you wanna see the eyes of a rat, seriously, look at the camera, look at those eyes. Look at that slobbering to the system, and the criminals at CNN and all their warmongering and death and all their fake news.”

– “You know what you are? You are LITERALLY a sociopath, and you think it’s funny, you know other people have emotions and care, so you played on that.”

– “You are the definition of a fop. You are the definition of a fraud. You’re a charlatan that goes around lying about people to destroy the First Amendment. You are a congenital liar.”

– “Listen man, everybody knows who you are. Look at you, you and Stelter get force fed by Twitter, and get like a hundred retweets, because CNN is a joke. CNN’s like government cheese. It literally is just force fed to everyone everywhere, everyone is sick of it. It’s force fed in public schools, force fed in bars, in hotels, making you sit there and watch it.”

– “You sit there on CNN with no viewers, no followers, everyone can’t stand you. And no matter – you can shut everyone down on earth, no one will like you. You understand that?”

– “You are a dishonorable liar, who would never even dare have me on your little tiny shows when you and Stelter call me a ‘virus.’ You are a virus to America and freedom. You are authoritarianism.”

– “You are the definition of dishonor. And one day in the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Encyclopedia Galactica, it will have your face next to ‘dishonor,’ and the word ‘rat.'”

– “You’re the equivalent of like the Hitler Youth, being part of the front lines to stop the advancement of the Allies.”

– “You got some damn evil eyes, son. That’s what wants to run your life, folks.”

Watch: Alex Jones Confronts Oliver Darcy

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