So much for the Sanders revolution against Wall Street and the bankers.

On Friday, Sanders told MSNBC he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

“The issue right here is I’m going to do everything I can do to defeat Donald Trump. I think Trump, in so many ways, would be a disaster for this country if he were elected,” he said.

Hillary Clinton is a creature of Wall Street, the financial class and the global elite. Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JP Morgan have consistently backed her. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, the great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, is a Clinton fan. JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon is a regular Clinton donor. In 2008, he donated the maximum allowable amount to the Clinton campaign.

Clinton has taken nearly $22 million from investment bank donors. She has also raked in substantial cash delivering speeches on Wall Street. Goldman Sachs alone paid her $675,000.

”Can you really reform Wall Street when they are spending millions and millions of dollars on campaign contributions, and when they are providing speaker fees to individuals?” Sanders asked during a debate.

By supporting Clinton, Sanders has betrayed his progressive base and shot his revolution full of holes. All that remains now is an official endorsement of his former rival and a plea to his supporters to vote for Clinton in an effort to beat Trump in November.

This will be a hard sell. While 55 percent of his supporters plan to vote for Clinton, 22 percent say they’ll vote for Trump and 18 percent for Libertarian Gary Johnson, according to a June 14 Bloomberg poll. An eventual Sanders endorsement of Clinton may sway holdouts, especially after the Democrat demonization campaign against Trump slips into high gear.

An eventual Sanders endorsement of Clinton, however, may sway holdouts, especially after the Democrat demonization campaign against Trump slips into high gear.

“Ugh, this is so hard. I guess an endorsement would probably sway me,” admitted a Bernie supporter in Texas.

Clinton is certain she will gain the support of Bernie’s followers. “I think I’ll make the case, and from everything I’ve seen—both personal conversations and research that has been done, just as it was with me when I dropped out, you know, the vast majority of Sen. Sanders’ young supporters will look at the choice,” Clinton said in April, well before Sanders went down in flames.

“The choice will be pretty stark if either of the two leading Republican candidates become the nominee, and I’m confident that we’ll all join together.”

The Trump demonization campaign and the polarization between parties encouraged by Democrats and Republicans—and played up by the establishment media—will ultimately convince many Sanders supporters to vote Clinton.

“People have ideas about how they’re going to behave that don’t necessarily end up being the case when they’re faced with that eventual reality,” Kim Nalder, a professor of government at California State University, Sacramento, told The Atlantic. “In the abstract we see things very differently from when we’re actually faced with a decision. We think we’re going to eat healthy and then we see a piece of a cake.”

Then again…

Following the appearance on MSNBC, Sanders gave a less definitive response to CNN. He said he will vote for Clinton “in all likelihood.”

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