According to the BBC’s North America editor John Sopel, U.S. military action against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria could be “imminent”.

“Given everything that’s been said in the last 24 hours, I think that military action is a betting certainty and could be imminent and we could wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the Americans have taken action,” said Sopel.

He added that the Trump administration’s shift on the issue was “pretty dramatic” given that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said only last week that Assad was part of Syria’ s future.

Having “heaped derision” on Barack Obama for allowing Assad to cross his “red line,” Sopel says that “for Donald Trump not to act now he would look weak, and he wouldn’t want that.”

According to the New York Times, top level negotiations are taking place right now between Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Military action could include cruise missile strikes launched from American warships targeting Syrian radar facilities as well as other “actions that fall just short of an outright declaration of war, with days of airstrikes to take out the Assad government’s integrated air defense systems.”

Any military action could put Russian forces operating in Syria in harms way, risking a confrontation between Washington and Moscow.

A groundswell of opposition to what Trump supporters see as a disastrous move is already building, with many amazed that Trump is considering following the same catastrophic policy that Hillary Clinton pursued in aiding jihadist rebels in Libya and Syria by destabilizing Assad’s secular government.


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