Following attacks by Islamic terrorists that killed hundreds of people in Sri Lanka, BBC News expressed concern for “nervous and afraid” Muslims.

BBC News’ live coverage of the aftermath of the bombings, which primarily targeted Catholic Christians, made a point of highlighting how “Sri Lankan Muslims are left nervous and afraid.”

This would be as absurd as worrying about the safety of white people following the Christchurch mosque massacre.

As we highlighted yesterday, instead of focusing on the perpetrators, some media outlets chose to make the issue about the reaction of the ‘far-right’.

The Washington Post published a story entitled Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West.

Another article published by UK outlet LBC cites an analyst who worries that the Sri Lanka massacre “may lead to further violence against Muslims”.

Given that nearly 800 people, many of them Catholics, have just been killed or injured by Muslim extremists, is anyone concerned about Christians?

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