Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicts it’s “impossible” President Trump will ever compromise with Democrats on gun control.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting which left nearly 60 dead, the Breitbart News executive chairman asserted a deal with dems on guns would not be received well by his base.

“Impossible: will be the end of everything,” Bannon said in a text to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan.

Asked if the response from supporters might be equal to the reaction seen when it was assumed Trump had reached a DACA deal with Senators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Bannon said, “as hard as it is to believe actually worse.”

Echoing Bannon’s sentiments, former Trump adviser Roger Stone expressed the president would likely not budge when it comes to gun rights.

“Base would go insane and he knows it,” Stone said.

Calls for gun control from Democrats in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre have surged, with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also pushing for some form of legislation against guns and even suppressors.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House Tuesday before he headed out to Puerto Rico, the president – who has in the past always demonstrated strong support for the NRA and the Second Amendment – gave an ominous, if not ambiguous, response to future gun control legislation.

“We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by,” the president stated.

An anonymous White House source speaking to Axios claimed the optics from the Las Vegas shooting could politically force the president to enact some form of new gun law, even if just a small concession.

“On top of the immense political pressure, the visuals Trump will see, hundreds of severely injured young people, could provoke him to act,” this source said. “The rational route to take would be to let the investigation play out to see if any new laws could’ve prevented this. I’m 100 percent Second Amendment but … people who had their brains blown out is enough to make anyone with a heart consider anything to prevent this.”


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