Alex Jones breaks down the origins and original intent of the intergalactic communications system known as the internet and lays out the stealthy, traitorous operation it’s currently designed to do today.

This page contains some of the internet’s most censored content, so share the link to defy the internet overlords who are putting a halt on the free flow of information.

Kaitlin Bennett & Millie Weaver Crash Google Hearing

“Al Gore Effect” Brings Snow to Climate Conference, Trump Brings Coal

Michelle Obama Makes Racist Remarks At Book Tour Event

Student Attacked For Defending Western Civilization Talks To Infowars

May Day for Theresa as She Struggles to Even Exit a Car

Will Sundar Pichai Get Charged With Perjury?

Alex Jones Confronts Lying Dem Shill Who Lobbied Big Tech To Deplatform Infowars

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