Kurt Nimmo
April 15, 2011

Now that the military is firmly in control of Egypt following the country’s CIA and Freedom House staged color revolution earlier this year, it is time for the bankster elite to force their economic snake oil on the Egyptian people.

“A group of powerful multilateral financial institutions are joining forces to support Arab hopes for a better economic future,” the AFP reported on Thursday.

Globalist talking heads make excuses for fact Egyptians oppose their new military rulers.

“The World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank are among the institutions that have pledged to have an ‘action plan’ outlined by the end of May,” the U.S. and France said in a joint statement issued in Washington.

Egypt and Tunisia, both victims of “democracy” crusades launched by the globalists, are the focus of the effort, according to the World Bank. Earlier “action plans” resulted in staggering poverty.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The effort to lock the victims of the so-called Arab Spring into perpetual debt was announced with the standard doublespeak the globalists like to use. The international bankers have agreed “to develop a joint action plan for aligning their investments toward a new vision to support the aspirations of citizens for inclusive and sustained growth.”

The primarily globalist loan sharking operation, the International Monetary Fund, will figure out the details, according to AFP.

“We will doubtlessly tackle the situation of the countries of the southern Mediterranean, and in particular Egypt and Tunisia,” declared minion Christine Lagarde, who is France’s finance minister. “I hope that we can reexamine the role that will be played by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to ensure that it can be available to participate in the growth and redevelopment of these economies,” she said during the globalist confab, G7.

Here’s what Ms. Lagarde and the globalists failed to mention – prior to the so-called revolution, the globalists considered Egypt an “economic miracle.” In 2010, the World Bank designated Colombia and Egypt as the “top global reformers in four of the past seven years,” in other words they followed orders and privatized – handed over to the bankers and the financial class – their economies, assets, and natural resources.

New protests over military rule in Egypt.

Egypt is the globalist poster child despite the fact 40 per cent of Egyptians earn less than $2 a day. Poverty increased remarkably after a concerted effort in the 1990s to privatize state-owned industries and hold fire sales.

The uprisings in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and elsewhere in the Arab world are due in large part to escalating food prices – prices jacked up by bankster speculation.

Obama and Clinton cheered when Hosni Mubarak – a loyal client for decades – stepped down and the military took his place. It was a great day for democracy, they declared.

In fact, Mubarak was replaced because he was not going along with the banksters. In May of 2010, the Egyptian government announced that the sale of state assets to investors had effectively ended.

By doing so, the Egyptian government admitted that an earlier “structural adjustment” effort by the World Bank and the IMF was a dismal failure, a fact underscored by Egyptians killing each other while standing in breadlines.

Soon after the CIA orchestrated revolution, the people of Egypt were subjected to military rule little different than the rule of the brutal dictator Mubarak.

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Now political bloggers are sentenced to prison and women are subjected to virginity tests conducted by military doctors and the banksters.

Meanwhile, the effort to throw millions of Arabs into poverty as their color revolution installed governments struggle to pay the interest on IMF loans continues.

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