Award-winning director Emir Kusturica has sensationally claimed that the Pentagon is planning to bomb Russian media outlet RT and that the attack will start World War III between Washington and Moscow.

In an article partially translated by Sputnik News, Kusturica, two time winner of the prestigious Palme d’Or at Cannes, writes that, “World War III could begin if the Pentagon bombs RT,” and that the Russians will respond by attacking CNN, triggering a global conflict that, “would put an end to culture and civilization.”

Kusturica argues that the re-emergence of Russia as a global force has in turn led to the rise of RT, which serves as a key weapon in the “Russian arsenal.”

“The program is broadcast in English, and watched by around 700 million people in 200 countries. The secret success of this television is the smashing of the Hollywood-CNN stereotype of the good and bad guys, where blacks, Hispanics, Russians, Serbs are the villains, and white Americans, wherever you look, are OK,” writes Kusturica.

He goes on to accuse Washington of “leading the world into chaos,” adding, “The fingerprints of the CIA are on the Ukrainian crisis, and BlackWater fired at the Ukrainian police, and not Maidan activists.”

Kusturica’s claims are pretty out there, but the fact that Washington sees RT as a major threat to its geopolitical agenda is without question.

Hillary Clinton and others having repeatedly acknowledged the fact that the U.S. is “losing the information war” to RT, which is why they are now desperately trying to denigrate the Russian broadcaster.

Back in January, US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) chief Andrew Lack characterized RT as a threat on the same level as ISIS and Boko Haram.

Former RT host Liz Wahl, who made a public spectacle of quitting the Russian state broadcaster last year in an incident stage-managed by neo-con James Kirchick, also recently gave testimony in front of a House Foreign Relations Committee during which she accused RT of promulgating fringe conspiracy theories and “deranged views.”

There’s no doubt that RT represents the interests of the Kremlin, but it does have a good record of acting in a truly adversarial journalistic capacity (a role that corporate U.S. media networks have abandoned), in challenging official narratives put out by the White House and the State Department – which is why Washington is so keen to constantly smear the the network.

Put simply – RT is far better at “propaganda” than the White House itself or any state-aligned U.S. media outlet, because they at least attempt to tell the truth for the most part, whereas the establishment press in America routinely falls into line and regurgitates Washington’s rhetoric on virtually every geopolitical issue or policy.

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