People are questioning why an edition of the popular beauty supply catalog Avon features a woman placing her arms around a Satanic baphomet figure.

Wary social media users have commented on the bizarre cover of Avon’s 22nd 2019 campaign, showing a woman in a pink wig grabbing the ears of the baphomet, a half-animal, half-human goat hybrid deity which has long been associated with Satanism.

Savvy women on Facebook and Twitter questioned the baphomet’s appearance on the brochure, with one woman calling it “very frightening and concerning!”

The baphomet has recently been in headlines as members of The Satanic Temple have attempted to have a statue of the goat-headed figure installed on the Arkansas state capital grounds, where a statue of the Ten Commandments currently stands.

Avon did not respond to Infowars request for comment as of writing.

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