A 27-year-old Trump supporter was stabbed by a gang of Armenians who noticed his pro-Trump bumper stickers on his car after they rammed his vehicle.

Antonio “Tony” Foreman was leaving a bar with friends in Santa Monica, Calif., after spending all day at a free speech rally when the Armenians rammed through a parking lot barrier and smashed Foreman’s car, according to multiple sources.

The men got out to exchange insurance information when they noticed Foreman’s patriotic bumper stickers including a Gadsden Flag and an American flag.

Foreman was stabbed nine times and was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

“Foreman’s two attackers were arrested, but Foreman may need more surgery — he already had a 12-hour intensive operation — as well as rehabilitation,” Joe Biggs reported for BAM, adding that Foreman lacks medical insurance likely due to Obamacare.

You can donate to Foreman’s emergency medical fund at WeSearchr.

Santa Monica police are reportedly treating the attack as racially-motivated.

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