The Associated Press is instructing reporters to be mindful of language used when addressing violent leftist protests, telling them to use special care when using the term “riots.”

In guidance released via AP’s Twitter feed Wednesday, the left-leaning news organization, whose articles are syndicated in hundreds of newspapers across the country, claimed the term “riot” should only be used if there’s “uncontrollable chaos” – a characteristic frequently observed in recent protests.

“Use care in deciding which term best applies: A riot is a wild or violent disturbance of the peace involving a group of people,” the AP informed writers. “The term riot suggests uncontrolled chaos and pandemonium.”

They also claimed the term “riot” takes away from protesters’ message.

“Focusing on rioting and property destruction rather than underlying grievance has been used in the past to stigmatize broad swaths of people protesting against lynching, police brutality or for racial justice, going back to the urban uprisings of the 1960s.”

Instead of “riots,” writers should try the “vaguer, milder” word “unrest,” the AP urges.

“Unrest is a vaguer, milder and less emotional term for a condition of angry discontent and protest verging on revolt.”

Likewise, writers are warned words like “revolt” and “uprising” carry politically charged connotations which could reflect negatively on protesters.

The leftist media’s inaccurate documentation of current events serves as a tool to distort history so that future generations will be less informed about the left-wing destruction, murder, looting – and yes, riots – that unfolded in Democrat-run cities during the summer of 2020.

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Owen covers the latest in the Democrat riots including the horrific attempted burning of police in Seattle.

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