Antifa and BLM activists were filmed assaulting Michelle Malkin as she tried to give a speech at a pro-police rally in Denver, Colo., on Sunday.

Malkin, who filmed the encounter, said she was confronted by several activists, one of whom hit her with a baton.

Malkin also said that activists also sprayed her and others with aerosol string as they were trying to give a speech on stage.

“Malkin was understandably distraught at this unanticipated violent turn of events and expressed frustration that Denver police, who were visibly present in the area, did nothing to stop the attacks or to allow the peaceful pro-police rally to continue,” according to American Thinker.

Ironically, event organizers at the pro-police rally say the Denver police did absolutely nothing to stop the chaos, and Malkin was escorted from the area by volunteer security.

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