Sharona Schwartz
The Blaze

January 17, 2012

Pro-Palestinian hackers continue to strike at Israeli websites, on Monday targeting the websites of the national airline El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The apparent leader of the group who calls himself 0xOmar warned Israeli journalists in advance of the attack.

In a Monday night interview, 0xOmar told Israel’s Channel 10 that he was working with a pro-Palestinian hacker group called “Nightmare” to take down the El Al and TASE websites. It is unclear where he is from, though he has identified himself as Saudi. Using a computer generated voice in a pre-prepared video, he said:

“This is the beginning of cyber war against Israel. You are not safe anymore…Let’s hack Israeli shopping websites. Let’s hack Israeli military websites and publish their sensitive and hidden information. Let’s destroy Israel in cyber world. It will come to real world also.”

0xOmar, who is spearheading the cyber assault on Israel, previously published some 20,000 Israeli credit card numbers.

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