Anti-gun group EveryTown has come under fire for sending out a sexist tweet that suggests young women are incapable of handling firearms.

“You think your drunk college-age daughters are bad with their phones? Imagine them with guns,” states the tweet, above a picture of people drinking beer.

The tweet links to a Washington Post story with the same headline. The story argues against arming women as a form of self-defense to prevent rape.

Psychiatrist Anne Skomorowsky writes about how her daughter repeatedly dropped her iPhone, arguing that if the phone had been a gun, the consequences could have been far more drastic. Skomorowsky is seemingly unaware that the most basic gun safety instructions and simple common sense would prevent anyone from handing a firearm in the same way as a cellphone.

Skomorowsky also references the UVA rape scandal in her article despite the fact that the credibility of the story completely collapsed months ago.

The fact that the group was forced to insult an entire gender in order to propagate its anti-gun message smacks of desperation.

Twitter users responded to the tweet by rightly pointing out its inherent sexism. Here’s just a sample of the outrage;

Although the tweet is obviously sexist, don’t expect any feminist groups to offer their condemnation. Instead of promoting a second amendment culture for women in the interests of female self-empowerment, feminist groups routinely side with gun control advocates because their leftist bias is far more important to them than actually caring about the safety of women.

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