Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, March 18, 2011

Those who were asking what the “international community” planned to do in response to the escalating global crisis surrounding the nuclear plant in Fukushima now have their answer – bomb Libya. As if the world wasn’t experiencing enough turmoil and devastation, another illegal war of aggression has been launched in a volatile region, couched in the retching Orwellian doublespeak of ‘no fly zones’ and ‘humanitarian’ rhetoric.

Colonel Gaddafi’s announcement of a cease fire today will probably do little to abate the clear plan of military conquest for which Libya has been targeted by the globalists.

What’s particularly odious about the whole disgusting spectacle is the sight of the neo-liberal left, the same people who vigorously opposed the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, acting as cheerleaders for a war sold on the justification of Gaddafi’s actions over the course of the last month, completely oblivious to the fact that the US military-industrial complex has been trying to oust Gaddafi for the best part of three decades.

The CIA and British MI6, with the gracious help of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, oversaw repeated attempts to assassinate Gaddafi and incite armed rebellion throughout Libya from the 1980′s onwards. Now that their latest attempt to overthrow Gaddafi through supporting of many of the same rebel groups, as well as former Gaddafi henchmen like Mustafa Abd-Al-Jali, has all but completely failed, in steps the United Nations to give the green light and in doing so co-opt the obedience of the American left.

The rebels’ failure to blaze a trail for the permanent installation of US military bases and control over 46 billion barrels plus of oil reserves has mandated the imposition of a “no fly zone,” which of course means that no one will be able to fly over Libya, except obviously British, French and American warplanes that will be dropping bombs on brown kids like there’s no tomorrow. “No fly zone”? Orwell rolls in his grave.

Neo-libs everywhere are rejoicing. Remember – war is evil unless it’s sprinkled with the magic pixie dust of UN endorsement and “humanitarian” rhetoric, in which case the dead bodies, the terror, and the screaming children shitting their pants are all worth it. The fact that Libya is the richest oil nation on the entire African continent is a mere coincidence. Go back to sleep – basketball is on the television. Soon you’ll be able to crack open a 6 pack and enjoy the air strikes like you would a Dwyane Wade slam dunk.

Despite the fact that top neo-cons from the latest incarnation of PNAC, the Foreign Policy Initiative, demanded Obama launch air strikes on Libya immediately, liberals who raged against the PNAC-driven doctrine of pre-emptive warfare for a decade are today smug in their delusion that bombs dropped with the UN’s blessing don’t cause the same carnage.

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Let us not forget that the repulsive Hillary Clinton publicly stated that the United States was supporting rebel groups last month, and that British SAS, as well as French and American Special Forces, were on the ground in Libya weeks ago. From the very beginning, this had nothing to do with “humanitarian concerns” and everything to do with removing the leader of Africa’s richest oil country by any means necessary.

Equally revolting is the figure of Barack Obama – the “peace candidate” – who spent the best part of a week obsessing over basketball picks while Fukushima burned, before bothering to offer up a pathetically meaningless speech that contributed virtually nothing other than to insult Americans for buying potassium iodide pills. But the ultimate globalist sock puppet house slave certainly made enough room in his busy schedule to obey orders and send US fighter jets hurtling towards North Africa on yet another mission of terror and bloodshed.

As we precisely predicted before Obama even took office back in November 2008, “Obama may eventually withdraw a portion of troops from Iraq, but mark our words, they won’t be home long before they are sent off to bomb another broken-backed third world country, this time in the name of a United Nations-backed “humanitarian” war, just as Bill Clinton presided over in Somalia and Serbia with the full support of the establishment political left.”

Of course, as Congressman Ron Paul makes clear, Obama has directly violated his oath to protect and uphold the constitution by sanctioning the air strikes. “Congress sits by, as usual, pretending that Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution does not exist,” Paul told the House yesterday. “According to this long-ignored section, ‘‘The Congress shall have Power To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.”

While the countries that will lead the war – Britain and America – are virtually bankrupt as their populations are told to pay higher taxes, suffer crippling austerity measures and tolerate soaring food prices, billions more pounds and dollars will need to be added to the debt burden in order to properly destroy and cripple Libyan infrastructure, before giving corporations like Halliburton huge no bid contracts to rebuild the country.

What cannot be rebuilt are the lives that will be terminated by the shrieking terror of fighter jets and incendiary bombs, as wanton slaughter is packaged in the glossy lie of “humanitarianism” by the establishment media.

The notion that an administration which has aggressively accelerated drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen that have killed 90% innocents has suddenly developed a conscience for human suffering is a putrid fallacy.

When predator drones murder hundreds of innocent people every year, it’s called unfortunate collateral damage, but when Gaddafi does the same using weapons he purchased from British and American arms manufacturers, it’s an international humanitarian crisis that demands a UN response.

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But that contradiction doesn’t matter when you can rely on the castrated corporate media and government PR firms to invent dastardly tales of brutality – Iraqi incubator babies, Serbian concentration camps – whatever bullshit they think we’ll swallow will be carefully contrived and cultivated for mass public consumption in order to make this into a “good” war that we can all feel self-satisfied in supporting.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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