An ad for Angel Soft toilet paper entitled Happy Father’s Day, Mom, which many assert disparages men, has received a huge backlash despite many leftist media outlets praising the commercial.

The ad features a number of individuals emotionally explaining how their single mothers brought them up without a father, before each of the participants wishes their mother a “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.”

“This video honors single moms who have to be both mom and dad,” states the blurb accompanying the video. However, the fact that the commercial appropriates father’s day and implicitly undermines fathers to make a point stoked a massive negative response, with many asserting that they will boycott Angel Soft products.

Esquire’s David Holmes claims that the ad caused a “weird, yet predictable, outrage from a fetid corner of the internet,” namely men’s rights groups.

However, the YouTube comments accompanying the video are filled with just as many women expressing their disgust at how the commercial simplicity serves to denigrate the importance of fathers.

“There’s already a Mother’s Day. Why undermine Father’s Day? This is doubly insulting to single fathers,” wrote Cassie Carr.

“My brother and I were raised by a single Father who took care of us by himself when our Mother chose not to be in our lives,” wrote Mia Jadore, whose comment received 119 thumbs up. “No child support, no visits, no letters, no phone call and he did it all alone. My Father taught me to be a good mother to my children and now I am married to a man who is an amazing Father to our children. Mother’s Day was about all the single and none single Mothers and I was honored. Why can’t we do the same for Father’s? Why not dedicate it to all the single and none single Father’s out there who do it all?”

“Imagine the feminist outrage if there was a “Happy Mother’s Day, Dad” video,” noted Tora Chan.

In addition, Syreeta Martin penned an article for the Philly Voice entitled, Dear Angel Soft, I am a single mother and I do not endorse your message, in which she explained the importance of recognizing the role of a strong father figure.

Other respondents vowed to boycott Angel Soft over the ad, with Gerald Caldwell commenting, “This commercial is an INSULT to all fathers out there! THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE MOTHERS DAY FOR! I’ll never buy Angel Soft again! You just alienated a customer!”

“Fuck You Angel Soft. I’m done for my entire life. I will never ever buy a georgia pacific product again. Bye bitches,” remarked a user named TMac473.

Despite the commercial receiving widespread praise in the liberal press, it currently has ten times the number of ‘thumbs down’ compared to ‘thumbs up’ on YouTube.

Meanwhile, a New Jersey radio station conducted a poll on its website which asked, “Are we devaluing fathers in society?” Over 83% of the respondents said yes.

In a similar vein to Sarah Silverman’s “Sorry, it’s a boy” Super Bowl ad, Angel Soft’s commercial once again illustrates how there is a pernicious culture war being waged by radical feminists in the media against fathers and men in general.

If third wave feminists are really about “gender equality” then why the need to tear down male role models? Why the need for such blatant misandry? What do you think is behind this trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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