Democrat Andrew Yang turned into Oprah Winfrey Thursday, revealing free money was the big surprise he’s been building up for days.

During his opening comments, the former businessman who supports a Universal Basic Income said he was going to do something no other candidate had ever done before, give $120,000 to 10 families.

“It’s time to stop trusting politicians and start trusting ourselves – so I’m going to do something unprecedented tonight,” Yang said. “My campaign is now going to give a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month to 10 American families for an entire year, someone watching this at home right now.”

The move reflects the candidate’s Universal Basic Income proposal to give American families a $1,000 a month allowance.

We’ll see if the bold move pays off.

Andrew Yang Has A Deal For You

Free everything from the Democrats, but Yang just wants to give you “free” money.

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